Monday, 15 August 2011

Alberto Del Rio Interview Highlights

Carlos sent word that new WWE Champion Alberto Del Rio spoke with Mexican news agency Notimex last week and told them that he is looking to retire from in-ring competition in five years. Del Rio added that he wants to work a limited farewell tour and finish up with a retirement match in his home of San Luis Potosi.

The translation from Spanish to English is rough but here are some quotes from the Del Rio interview:

"I already decided. I want to retire in five years and will make a farewell tour but not as many who do 250 fights. Seek a dignified farewell to a fight in San Luis Potosi, my native land and in the Arena Mexico, my home."

"I decided to go full power and thus having managed to be the best Mexican fighter in this difficult race. I'm tired because it takes great dedication and sacrifice but also left me enormous satisfaction."

"To where I have arrived I have taken fully the name of my dynasty and know that my family is proud than I have done, so when the moment arrives for hanging the boots I will continue enjoying the place that I deserved myself."

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