Wednesday, 22 February 2012

WWE DVD Review: Vengeance 2011

WWE DVD Review: Vengeance 2011

By Phil Allely

The Vengeance Pay-Per-View had some mighty fine looking matches on its card, most of which ended up matching the hype they had received.

The main event war between John Cena and Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship was fought under Last man Standing rules and as such it warranted viewing. The fact that prior to this match the ring was destroyed made it all the more enthralling.

As the DVD cover shows the Big Show/Mark Henry World Heavyweight Championship match came to an earth shattering (well ring shattering) end. The bout itself had a few limitations and pacing issues, but it finished well indeed.

Sworn enemies Triple H and CM Punk took on the duo of Miz and R Truth in an inventive battle.

Randy Orton’s encounter with his former protégé Cody Rhodes highlighted yet again Orton’s in-ring prowess and Rhodes rise through the ranks.

Dolph Ziggler saw double duty at Vengeance, firstly tagging with Jack Swagger (against Tag Team Champs Air Boom), then he directly tackled the hugely popular Zack Ryder in a decent match.

The Diva division also saw action, this time it was Eve Torres taking her chances with ‘The Glamazon’ Beth Phoenix.

Vengeance 2011 certainly makes for entertaining viewing. Some of the results are surprising and even the poorer matches have their good points. The finish of the Henry/Show bout is well done and even though it reminds your reviewer of a previous finish (during Show’s previous WWE run) it does still make you take notice. The main event takes on a very different form when you see the participants having to work around a destroyed ring.

On the extras front we have a home video exclusive interview with Alberto Del Rio.

Vengeance 2011 is available now from and all good retailers.

RRP £17.99 (DVD), £19.99 (Blu-ray), running time 2hrs 55mins (DVD), 4hrs 17mins (Blu-ray).

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