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TNA PPV Review: Against the Odds 2012

TNA PPV Review: Against the Odds 2012

By Phil Allely

Following up on their hugely successful UK tour TNA dug deep in planning February’s Against All Odds Pay-Per-View, the event promised title matches, challenge matches and appearance by all the company’s big players. The end result saw new champions crowned, feuds continue and unfortunately a young roster member sustain a bad injury.

The event kicked off with a match that highlighted just how dangerous professional wrestling can be. Battling it out for the #1 contender spot for the X Division Championship Jesse Sorensen and Zema Ion were having an exciting match until a mistimed moonsault from Ion legitimately injured Sorensen. Sorensen was rushed to hospital and has suffered a very serious neck injury. Ion won the match by count out.

Shannon Moore stepped up to take on TV Champ Robbie E in a bonus match-up. Moore took the fight to E and went to the air for some nice set-pieces, however Big Rob Terry’s interference helped E hang on to his belt.

The Knockouts Title cat fight between champion Gail Kim and challenger Tara was a decent one. Madison Rayne and Kim teased the break-up of their alliance and Kim dominated the action by punishing Tara’s knee, Kim winning with the ‘Eat Defeat’ finisher.

The team of Samoa Joe and Magnus then ran roughshod over the dominant Tag Team Champions Matt Morgan and Crimson in a thoroughly enjoyable big man encounter. Joe and UK star Magnus pulled off the win with the help of a Crimson mistimed spear, to snare themselves the doubles straps.

As usual the X Division almost stole the show next, title holder Austin Aries and Alex Shelley working well together. Shelley however couldn’t overcome the flashy and confident Aries, who forced the former Motor City Machinegun to tap out.

Former Fortune teammates AJ Styles & Kazarian then faced off in a heated match-up. Daniels presence at ringside proved to be Styles downfall but, his contempt for ‘The Fallen Angel’ gave Kaz the opportunity to steal the pin.

Gunner versus Garett Bischoff had its moments, the presence of Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan at ringside helped too. Hulk stepped in to stop Eric’s cheap shots on his son, however Gunner dominated Bischoff jnr, punishing his neck in particular. The end came as Hogan contemplated throwing in the towel to save his protégé, allowing Gunner to hit a DDT for the win.

The main event saw World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Roode use his conniving ways once more to remain at the top of the TNA pile. Opponents Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray and James Storm did all worked hard to take the belt from Roode. This entertaining match saw all four share the spotlight, hit trademark moves and gain near falls. The finish came as Roode spat on guest referee Sting and The Icon swung the World Title at him in return, the belt shot missing Roode and decking Hardy who the chemp quickly pinned for the 1,2,3.

Against All Odds was a very reasonable effort from TNA, it ticked many boxes, new tag team champ crowned and Bobby Roode’s career ascent continued. The only let down was the sad news that Jesse Sorensen’s injury could be career threatening. Perhaps the new writing team, backstage shake-ups and news that Vince Russo has moved on will see a change in the hit and miss match-ups, confusing storylines and unfathomable finishes we’ve seen over the years?

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