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Mick Foley Interview Highlights

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Interview with Mick Foley - He's Back!


Mick Foley is back in WWE! He was in the UK last year for his Stand Up Comedy Tour and he's back again this February for a second tour. He's also returned to WWE and has even wrestled! We chatted to Mick about his comedy and his wrestling.

QMick, when we last spoke you were about to embark on your comedy tour of the UK, how did that go?

AWell, I guess it went well enough to merit a return. That's the thing about sequels; they don't make them very often for failures. Which is why there was never a second Chamber of Horrors match...or a second Kennel From Hell. I had a blast on that last tour, and I think just about everyone who showed up did as well.

QDid the audiences differ from much those in America?

AThe audiences did differ quite a bit from those in America - nowhere near the number of Americans! Actually, without pandering (not that I'm above it) the UK audiences seem to pick up on subtleties more than most US audiences do. A smaller percentage of the US audience picks up on some of the things the UK audiences appreciated readily. That makes it fun for me.

QTell us about Tori Amos in Glasgow?

AOh, that night in Glasgow was an incredible experience on that last tour! Never again will be able to walk a single block from one of my gigs into a venue where my favorite performer is playing. It was just great; a sold-out, very enthusiastic crowd, a great night of music, and a very nice chat with Tori. She's been just great to me. But I say it will never happen again, because if it happens once, it's a charming circumstance. If it happened again, she might find it a little creepy. She might have extra security waiting for me at the door!

QYou'e recently returned to Raw, what was it like to be back in WWE again?

AReturning to Raw was very nice - like returning home after a few years away. But my first WWE shows back were off televsion, in Dublin, Manchester, Birmingham and Newcastle. Dublin was the first, and it was a surprise to everyone, even the WWE Superstars and Divas. Everyone did a double-take, and said, "oh, it's you" and walked away unenthusiastically. Actually, it was a happy scene - plenty of hugs to go around!

QDo you think maybe there's one more WrestleMania match left for Mick Foley and if so who would you like it to be against?

AI just don't think I've got another great Wrestlemania match left in me. I mean, I could always be IN a match, but i think my days at or near the top of the card are behind me. But the Rumble showed that there might be a market for a Santino/Foley team...maybe a "Crouching Cobra, Hidden Socko" type of thing.

QWill you be doing anything differently on your second comedy tour here in the UK?

AI like to go with the flow when I do these shows. On one night, for example, I may do mainly material inspired by questions I get during the meet and greet, which will inspire some type of story or ridiculous observation. I'm also thinking of debuting some things that have been bouncing around inside my brain for a while. The only thing I can guarantee is that the material will be almost completely different than what I did in November on my last tour. Plus, I am working on an entrance that will be woth the price of admission alone! People can just get up and leave after the entrance if they want; I won't be offended. Especially if they buy a t-shirt on their way out.

QLots of fans have been calling for you to become the new GM of Raw. Is this a position you'd like and if so what be your first big change?

AI would love to be the GM of Raw. Talk about a dream job. I really wish I'd stayed on long-term when I had that gig in 2000. I'm not sure what my first move would be, but there are so many good young Superstars I could play off of. I still get fans asking me about the suff I did with Edge and Christian when I was commissioner. I would love to create that type of chemistry with some of the current Superstars..and Divas. There is already a vague sexual tension between me and the Bellas backstage - so thick you can cut it with a knife!

QDo you have another book planned? Any scoops for us?

AI actually just started my next book today. It's a WWE children's book and I'm hoping it will be out before Christmas 2012. It will be a unique holiday tale, with a little bit of a lesson learned for a naughty kid like the Miz.

QIn one sentence, why should people come to see one of your stand up comedy shows in February?

AMy comedy is still largely an unknown entity to people on both sides of the Atlantic. So most of those who come are still taking something of a leap of faith; trusting that i will not let them down. Almost everyone who showed up last time walked away very pleasantly surprised. I think that will be the case again this time. Just lower your expectations and you'll be fine!

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