Sunday, 12 February 2012

DVD Review: WWE Unauthorised

DVD Review: WWE Unauthorised

By Phil Allely

WWE unauthorised is a reasonable look at the empire that is Vince McMahon’s WWE, the difference between this and other releases is that this is an independent production and as such has not reason to gloss over events or situations as other official one shave in the past.

Over its short (60 minute) runtime this DVD offers up a glimpse behind the scene of the WWE machine and some information on such things as wrestlers pay, storylines, the McMahon family and the lifestyle of a typical WWE wrestler.

There are also some insights into the tragic night Owen Hart died and many other controversial situations from the companies past.

Of particular interest here are the sit down interview with former WWE writer (and current TNA pen man) Vince Russo, former superstar Tito Santana and many other big names from WWE past and present.

The information compiled on this disc are all common knowledge, but perhaps this is the first time they have been gathered in one place, WWE fans old and new will feel enlightened by this presentation.

WWE Unauthorised is available now from all good retailers.

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