Thursday, 15 September 2011

TNA No Surrender 2012 - PPV Review

Mickie Surrender’s her gold as Sting eyes up a clash with Hogan…

By Phil Allely

TNA’s No Surrender Pay-Per-View was a slightly hit and miss affair content wise, but it did see two title changes, a surprise bout crowning the BFG Series winner and one match was confirmed for the Upcoming Bound For Glory supershow, alongside some hints at other ones. A technical issue did hamper UK viewers enjoyment though.

Things opened up reasonably well as new boy to the X Division Jesse Sorensen battled cagey veteran Kid Kash for the number one contender’s spot for the X title. Underdog Sorensen pulled off the shock win after a lengthy beat down from Kash.

James Storm and Bully Ray’s BFG Series encounter was a slow plodding affair, the stalling by Ray and dodgy DQ finish didn’t help matters. Ray’s win giving him a clear lead over his nearest rivals Robert Roode and Gunner.

The Winter versus Mickie James match for the Knockouts title saw a Wonder Woman clad James having to fend off not only the unconventional Winter but also the interfering Angelina Love. The numbers game and a Great Muta style mist spray to the face saw Winter once again raise the gold.

Mexican America successfully defended their newly won Tag Team straps in an average scrap with the combo of Brother Devon and The Pope. Sarita and Rosita proving to be the deciding factor, their interference giving their team the win.

Samoa Joe showed signs of his former glories in his outing with Matt Morgan, both big men offering forth a series of hard-hitting moves and solid in-ring action. Morgan however came out the better after a successful Carbon Footprint found its mark.

Needing a submission win to tie with Bully Ray Bobby Roode and Gunner pulled out all of the stops in their war. Roode’s working of a weakened arm on Gunner finally paying off as the Immortal member tapped out to the Fortune representative.

Austin Aries faced fellow high flyer Brian Kendrick in an X Division Championship match. Aries’ tenacity proving fruitful, a brutal brainbuster move finishing off Kendrick’s title run.

The un-advertised BFG final between Roode and Ray started slow with plenty of stalling, but quickly got tough. After trading the advantage and teasing near falls it was Roode who capitalised on a missed move by ray to get his shot at the World Heavyweight Champ at Bound For Glory.

Unfortunately the main event remained unseen by UK fans (due to a technical issue), but what we missed was World Champ Kurt Angle, Mr Anderson and Sting taking each other to the limit in a nicely paced triple threat match for the gold. There were near falls, Angle as always went all out to impress, Sting continued to revisit his enthusiastic old self and Anderson held up his side of things too. The end came as Hulk Hogan interfered (once again) on Angle’s behalf and Sting fell to an opportunist pin fall.

No Surrender may have had a few too many interference based results, but it did give us a couple of new champions amongst other things. Elsewhere we saw the impending Hulkster/Sting bout gather steam, Bobby Roode saw his world title dreams come build too. The biggest downside being the technical issue that left Challenge viewers without the main event.

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