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DVD Review - Born to Fight (starring steve austin)

DVD Review – Born To Fight (starring Stone Cold Steve Austin)

By Phil Allely

WWE legend Steve Austin has carved himself a very nice career in the world of film since he retired from the wrestling ring. He has also been able to juggle big budget hits with low budget projects that can stretch him as an actor. Known primarily as an action movie star this is one such project that allows Austin to get his teeth into the role and expand his acting skills along the way.

Born to Fight is a nice addition to the CV of Steve and it also serves well as a film that may just gain him a whole new level of fan. Telling a story we can relate to in some way this film revolves around the all to real issue of bullying. Austin plays Dan a janitor at a US high school, here he seems to happily go about his work and not really show up on anyone’s radar. Young Matthew is the school newcomer who unwittingly ends up on the receiving end of a beating and other embarrassing situations at the hands of the school boxing star.

Although Matthew tries to overcome his belittling he decides he needs to learn to box to gain the respect of his foes and to stand up to them. This is where our muscle bound lead comes in, Dan it transpires is a retired pro boxer and he after seeing potential in Matthew decides to help him train to enter the upcoming school boxing competition.

Born to Fight is a cross between the Karate Kid and Rocky films (in Austin’s own words, watch out for my interview coming soon). The tale has a meaning and moral code is there too, this is a story that makes you feel like you have invested into the narrative. Austin deserves special credit for stepping out of his comfort zone here, he has more dialogue than in any of his action features. He has also picked up many good habits along the way as well, he now works the camera better, he owns each scene he is in and he doesn’t overshadow his co-stars.

Born to Fight is released on October 3rd by Anchor Bay Entertainment.

Cert 12

RRP £15.99 (DVD), £19.99 (Blu-ray)

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