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TNA Lockdown 2011 - DVD Review

TNA DVD Review – Lockdown 2011

By Phil Allely

TNA’s Lockdown Pay-Per-View is one of the guilty pleasures many of us have in the world of professional wrestling. The reason for this being that due to all the matches being within the confines of a steel cage. Meaning that inevitably the violence gets ramped up more than usual, plus bloodshed is more commonplace than in normal bouts too.

2011’s offering was a full blown cage match marathon, each and every match had great potential and there were high hopes that we would see some big title changes and maybe even a see Knockout lose her hair.

The X Division Xscape scrap worked well and saw the usual mix of high flying action, dangerous moves and career shortening spots. The only downside being the now common TNA error of booking too many spots and participants, which dilute the end product.

The 4 corners tag team match had some nice set-pieces though, all four teams working well together indeed. A high point being the revitalised Scott Steiner’s power moves.

The Knockouts Title versus hair match-up was a distinct let down, but the result did prove to be popular. The reason for the short outing was also an understood one (our very own Phil Allely interviewed Mickie James prior to the event and she was extremely pumped up for the match, so the end result must have annoyed her in the end, although the pair have fared better since).

Samoa Joe and The Pope D’Angelo Dinero had a fair scrap in their grudge match. Joe of course proving his worth as a hard-hitting tough guy.

The Matt Morgan and Hernandez battle was a worthwhile effort and one that at least had the crowd involved and weaved its storylines together nicely. Watch out for a nice Hernandez cage based move.

As expected Kurt Angle pulled out all of the stops in his continuing war with perennial foe Jeff Jarrett, both men risking life and limb to please the fans. Kurt deserving special praise for once again taking an insane bump, that many younger and healthier men would never even attempt.

The TNA World Heavyweight Title match was a nicely paced triple threat style match. The cage and the enthusiasm of the trio concerned all helped it move along at a swift rate. Sting, Rob Van Dam and Mr Anderson all plying their trade well, each taking the opportunity to showcase their trademark moves and work the crowd, the finish hitting the spot too.

The main event of Lockdown is usually the events selling point and in 2011 this bout certainly helped pad out an already brimming card. Lethal Lockdown is a great concept, there are two teams, they alternate the numbers advantage and when they all have entered the cage roof lowers to seal the combatants in until one a decision is met. There are also weapons galore to utilise where appropriate as well.

This year the teams were representing Immortal and Fortune, featuring Ric Flair, Bully Ray, Abyss and Matt Hardy tackling the well knit unit of Beer Money, Kazarian and Daniels. The teams (including an increasingly old looking Flair) gave their all here and yes blood did flow. Watch out for Daniels crazy leap and a few guest appearances, including the legendary Hulkster.

Lockdown 2011 was a superb show from TNA, the matches were by the far well planned and executed, there were faults, but they were minimal.

On the extras front we have a bonus disc featuring the now trademark Before the Bell featurette, plus some nice post match interviews, footage from the Lockdown Fan Interaction event and a music video.

Lockdown 2011 is available now from all good retailers, visit www.tnawrestling.com for more information on this and other TNA/Impact Wrestling DVD releases.

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