Friday, 2 September 2011

Goldberg interview highlights

Goldberg disses McMahon

By Phil Allely

Former world heavyweight Champion Bill Goldberg has slammed his former boss Vince McMahon in a recent TV interview.

Whilst attending an MMA event at the Hard Rock Casino in Oklahoma the former WWE/WCW star made his thoughts very clear about McMahon when asked about the WWE chairman’s persona and how intimidating he is in real life.

Goldberg responded to the local Fox station’s question with the following statement "I can't really say anything positive about the man, it's like working for a carny who's driven only by his ego. Business is out the window, as evidence by what he did with my character. I don't have anything positive to say about the man."

Goldberg is on record as not being a fan of McMahon or his stint with the WWE. His successful (in WCW) monster character was famously buried within the WWE structure and his world title run proved to be unspectacular. His one year contract ending with a whimper as he and Brock Lesnar were let go form their contracts to little response.

Rumour has it that Goldberg will step back into the ring this coming October as part of an event in Africa alongside fellow former WWE/TNA stars. Although he has to yet to fully confirm this Bill has already filmed a preview piece for the appearance.

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