Thursday, 31 January 2013

TNA PPV Review: Genesis 2013

By Phil Allely

TNA's opening salvo into the PPV world of 2013 saw World Champ Jeff hard retain his gold over the troublesome duo of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.

Genesis was also the first of only four (real) PPV's for the company in 2013. This year will see (as your writer has hinted) scale back their PPV schedule to one that they can successfully build up to. The normal monthly scatter gun effect has been hit and miss at best,so a revamp was long overdue. We will now see the months in between the PPV's being filled with a stand alone themed event. UK fans will of course still see theses three hour offerings on Challenge for free. US viewers will get them at a reduced rate.

The opening match between the combos of Joey Ryan/Matt Morgan and Chavo Guerrero/Hernandez (for the TNA Tag Team Titles) was a fun encounter and a nice opener. Ryan took a nasty looking series of moves to lose this one for his team. Morgan must have been relived to have not tagged in there. The champs kept their gold once again.

Mr Anderson tackled Samoa Joe next. This big man outing was a fine one that highlighted Anderson's ability to perform well with the right foe. Joe fell to a mic check to see the Aces & 8's affiliate pick up a well-earned win.

Kenny King and Christian York's match to be the number one contender for the X Division rattled along at a fine pace next. York and King were on fine form and worked well together. York however was the man fortunate enough to pick up the pin fall, but a post-match beat down by King dampened things somewhat.

X Division Champ RVD hit the ring next. He and York's mutual respect was on the back burner here. Van Dam showed his renewed enthusiasm in the sport and York (in his second match of the night) had to dig deep to match him. RVD retained his gold, but did show respect to his fallen opponent post-match too.

In your reviewers mind the Joseph Park character has outlived his use. The return of Abyss must happen soon. His match with Devon here was bearable, but limited. Both men are capable of so much more. A&8's man Devon scored the pin to put this one to bed. The TV champ performed a post-match beat down on Park too.

The Knockouts Gauntlet cat fight for the No 1 contender spot picked up the PPV momentum however. This one was all about Gail Kim and the recently re-signed Velvet Sky. Kim put away the competition (Tessmacher, ODB, James) until Sky entered the fray and put her down for the three count.

Daniels versus James Storm was pretty decent outing for the talented pair. Each got the opportunity to highlight their skills and Kaz at ringside proved to be a useful component too. It was Kaz's interference that saw Daniels net himself a number one contender shot over fan favourite Storm. Storms time will come we are sure. (Your reviewer met the man himself at the Dublin live show recently, see our pic)

Stings match with A&8's member DOC proved to be a fun encounter. DOC and 'The Icon' fought in and around the ring here. Each trading the advantage, even with interference from a few Aces and 8's members this was the Stinger's night. Bully Ray made an appearance to stop the gang from beating down on his fellow face.

Jeff Hardy's World Title defence against Bobby Roode and Austin Aries was a perfect showcase for the trio involved. Hardy was on fine form, Roode was his usual dependable self and Aries highlighted just how vital he is to the main event picture in TNA.

The Roode/Aries combo work well together and if given a chance will become the pairing to rejuvenate the tag team scene.

The only downside here was Hardy's swift disposal of his opponents. Roode and then Aries were put away (unfortunately) too quick and we the fans were left feeling short-changed by the finish.

Perhaps the move to four main PPV's per year will see us loyal fans appreciate the TNA product more. The new format will allow the creative team time to build storylines and make feuds a lot more believable. The introduction of themed three hour events (to fill the gaps left by the missing PPV's) may just be what the company needs. These shows will concentrate on such areas as the X Division, Tag Team matches and much more throughout the year.

Genesis was a fair to good effort by TNA. Their subsequent UK/Ireland tour heralded exactly what your writer has said for many years. The Impact Wrestling live product has always been one you simply need to see and this year was nothing different. The tour may have lacked World Champ Hardy, but it did feature Sting and the much hyped TV tapings included title changes, Aces and 8's member reveals and live appearances by Hulk and Brooke Hogan.

By Phil Allely

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