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Exclusive: Sting Talks to Phil Allely

Exclusive Interview: TNA's Sting Talks to Phil Allely
By Phil Allely

Pro wrestling icon Sting may have wrestled his last UK matches last year, during TNA's Maximum Impact Tour. But when the company's world champion Jeff Hardy was unable to make the tour this time around due to injury, the Stinger stepped up, taking his place at very short notice. Not only highlighting his dedication to the company, but his enthusiasm for the business.

I caught up with Sting (real name Steve Borden) at the opening night show in Dublin, Ireland. This was a poignant night for him and also his loyal Irish fans. It was after all in Ireland that he held and lost the prestigious WCW World Heavyweight Championship in 1993. A fact that your reviewer was only to happy to share with his hero.

'Yeah I guess you are right. I seem to remember being in Belfast and hearing how my hotel was in the Guinness Book of Records as the most bombed hotel in the world (The Europa Hotel in Belfast). I must admit that was a bit scary to hear and yet fun to know too. I definitely know I held the belt then (in Belfast), but now you prompt me, I do recall losing it to Vader in Dublin the next day. That was one heck of a match, Vader really gave me a run for my money. I loved those shows. Didn't I get it back a few days later?'.

Sting did indeed win the belt back during the UK leg of the March 1993 UK/Ireland tour.

‘The Irish fans really enjoyed having an alternative to the WWE back then (with WCW) and here we are (TNA) doing the exact same thing. The fans here have always appreciated what we do and we want to give them the best show we can each and every night.’

Even though he has no need to, Sting still pushes himself both in and out of the ring. Recent years have seen him rejuvenated as a wrestler.

'I still enjoy wrestling and I am fortunate to be a part of a wonderful roster here (in TNA). I am enjoying the meaty storylines we have and especially the Aces & 8's stuff. I can't wait to get out there tonight and tear the house down.'

'I am so happy to be back in Ireland. It has unfortunately been so long. I always love coming to the UK and Ireland. I really did want to come back (but schedules never worked out) and yet the last few years have seen me do just that. This Irish show is a real bonus for me and I am pleased to be able to be here and to wrestle before these loyal fans. The crowds here are unbelievable, we all genuinely do want to be on the UK/Irish tour roster.'

This opening show of the latest UK/Ireland tour saw the following results:
Chavo and Hernandez retained their Tag Team belts against the team of Kaz and Daniels in a very decent opener.
Velvet Sky and Miss Tessmacher overturned the combo of Tara and Gail Kim in a fun and sexy Knockouts tag team encounter.
X Division Champ Rob Van Dam overcame the fast and frantic Zema Ion with a nice 'frog splash'.
James Storm stole the show in a triple threat scrap. Overcoming the talented duo of Bobby Roode and Austin Aries.
Bully Ray put Magnus through a table to stop the UK grappler's egotistical rants, to a huge pop.
Sting and Kurt Angle overcame Aces and 8's Devon and DOC in a cage match main event.
Sting proved himself to be a genuine legend here. He carried his match (while Angle sold a beating by Mike Knox). The icon also overcame the combined might of DOC and Devon as well. 

As UK/Irish tours go this was one of the finest your reviewer has seen. The venue perfectly suited the TNA product, the roster were pumped up and late addition Sting was on fine form too.
Don't forget to check out Challenge TV to see what happened at the subsequent TV tapings at Manchester and London. Which were set to feature Hulk Hogan and his daughter Brook.

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