Tuesday, 8 January 2013

DVD Review: Brock Lesnar - Here Comes the Pain Collector's Edition

This re-released 2003 WWE DVD (with a few additions) is a reasonable and yet not too exciting a release for wrestling fans. Lesnar in his prime was an in-ring monster and his matches usually gave us viewers exactly what we wanted, hard-hitting action and many highlights.
But now 9 years on we see them for what they were. Some plodded along and of course we now see the combatants in their present guise too.
When Lesnar returned to the WWE in 2012 he did indeed make a mark and his feud with Triple H was a sight to behold. However his limited appearance contract has seen the initial thrill somewhat lessen.
So what can you expect form this release? well overall it is an entertaining look at Lesnar's WWE peak, the documentary (which at the time seemed to be one of the best) has not worn too well though. The faults are the way some participants drift between reality and their on-screen character. Ideally we want one or the other and this does not hap[en here. But on the plus side we do get some interview footage before each match and that helps build them up nicely.
Speaking of matches these range from abysmal to excellent and most fall into the mid range of being memorable for one reason or another.
There are a few classics here and some that stick out in your mind for one stand-out moment alone. The scraps with Hulk Hogan, Kurt Angle and Undertaker all stand out here. The ill-fated match with Goldberg at WrestleMania (featuring a botched shooting star press) not so much.
But for fans of Lesnar this revamped release will tick all of the right boxes and be an essential purchase.
Non Lesnar enthusiasts may find they already own many of these matches on other DVDs.

Brock Lesnar - Here Comes The Pain : Collector's Edition is available now on DVD and Blu-ray.
By Phil Allely

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