Thursday, 17 November 2011

Turning Point

Turning Point 2011

By Phil Allely

Amidst some confusing finishes TNA’s Turning Point PPV still had a lot going for it, high points were new World Champ Robert Roode retaining his gold, Robbie E raising the TV strap and the returning Gail Kim getting her hands back on her cherished Knockouts Championship.

Roode’s ascent to the top of the pile has been one worth watching. Having lost to Kurt angle after being tipped to topple him, Bobby then saw his tag partner James Storm beat Angle in an Impact Wrestling bout to win the belt. Roode subsequently turned heel on his former Beer Money mate to lift the title. For his first PPV title defence it was former TNA Grand Slam champ AJ Styles who faced the new company figurehead.

Styles and Roode’s main event raised the PPV to above average status the pair gelled nicely. With only one minor ref bump this was one of the best matches of the night. Roode won with the help of a handful of Styles tights.

The show kicked off with a reasonable match for the TV belt. This saw Eric Young play the comedy card and Robbie E win the title, with some help from his associate Rob Terry.

Mexican America & Sarita (with Rosita) retained their tag team gold next. Their back and forth match with Ink Inc. and Toxxine ended with Rosita interfering to aid her teammates win.

Cranking things back up pace wise X Division champion Austin Aries had a successful title defence against fellow highflyers Jesse Sorensen and Kid Kash.

In a hard-hitting No DQ scrap Rob Van Dam and Daniels succeeded in punishing each other in and around the ring in increasingly imaginative ways. A steel chair once again proved to be RVD’s best ally as a prelude to a nice Frog Splash for the pin.

Next up big men Matt Morgan and Crimson battled to a double disqualification. The pair continued to beat each other down until security finally put a halt to them.

Immortal’s Scott Steiner and Bully Ray versus Mr Anderson and Abyss had its moment, especially the always fun to see Frankensteiner. After nailing a Black Hole Slam on Steiner for the pin he no-sold a beat down and slam through a table, to put the frighteners on Ray.

Gail Kim continued her winning ways as she took velvet Sky to a very good Knockouts match-up. With some help from Karen Jarrett Kim now holds the Knockouts Title and co-hold the Knockouts Tag Titles (with Madison Rayne).

The penultimate scrap with Jeff Hardy taking on Jeff Jarrett was an interesting affair, firstly Hardy pinned Jarrett with a quick 3 count, we then saw a restart and a longer brawl ensue. Hardy once again picked up the pin with a neat roll-up. Post-match Jarrett used a chair to prompt a third encounter and once again he fell to Hardy.

Turning Point was an ok night for TNA, there were no signs of Hulk Hogan and the veterans, this was all about the younger talent and core TNA roster. Unfortunately many of the matches ended due to interference. We did however see a few new champs and Roode began his ascent to the heights of top company heel. With yet another shuffle in the booking/writing dept, it will be interesting to see how TNA fare with a new champ and so many new feuds in the works.

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