Sunday, 13 November 2011

Chris Jericho Interview with Phil Allely

Chris Jericho Interview

By Phil Allely

Former WWE superstar Chris Jericho is currently in the UK on tour with his rock band Fozzy, our very own Phil Allely caught up with Chris to chat about what he and Fozzy have been up to over the past year, his wrestling plans and much more.

‘I’m not a big fan of reality TV shows, but I was tempted with the offer to host WWE’s Tough Enough. So it could have been me there fronting it instead of Steve (Austin), but dancing with the Stars came up and I couldn’t do both. It would have been cool to do it. Steve’s awesome on it though and he’s made it his own, I’m glad it’s got a second series. People ask if I’d be a trainer on the show (like) Trish, Booker and a Bill. But that’s not me really. Hosting is a different matter, I’m game for that. I’d love to do another game show or other things, I’ve plenty of interests and lots to explore in showbiz.’

Every month or so the rumour of a Jericho return to the WWE rears its head. As one of the most high profile freelancers in the business the former multiple time world champion could have his pick of wrestling organisation, if he so desired to return to the ring.

‘I mean there have always been rumours about me, people want to see me back in the ring. I’m not against going back I’m busy elsewhere though, at present I have no plans to appear for the WWE. I’d not do a one-off I don’t believe in that, if I never go back I’m fine with that, I’d want to come back for a reason and make it a long run. I’m either in or out, no one shot deals or false starts. My loyalties are with the WWE though, so I’ll not be turning up in TNA or doing a Japan show. I don’t see the sense on going somewhere else when I have worked for the best.’

WWE’s most ambitious storyline yet is the year-long build up to the Rock versus John Cena encounter planned for WrestleMania. Would a match of that magnitude on the table have persuaded Jericho to step back into the ring we wondered?

‘That’s a tough call, I maybe would have gone for a spot like that, but I’d have not really went for a short time deal. I mean Rock is only doing a handful of appearances between then and Mania. I’ve always been a bit radical, so I’d make a deal like that suit, Rock and Cena will be fun to watch, it’s a long drawn out thing though. Maybe a bit too long, I’m not sure? You know in all honesty in my 2009-2010 run I think I was at my career best, so if I never wrestle again I have no regrets’.

Acclaimed author Jericho has also signed a new deal for a third book based on his career, this as yet unnamed title will look at the period from 2007 to the present days, taking in his return to the WWE and his tours with Fozzy.

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