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WWE TLC 2010 PPV Review

WWE TLC: Tables Ladders & Chairs 2010WWE TLC 2010 PPV Review

By Phil Allely

Considering the WWE’s current PG orientated programming an event that features tables, ladders and chairs as a theme is one that should justifiably raise a few eyebrows. This year’s effort was a thoroughly decent one and whilst a few of the matches missed their mark, most did the job.

Things kicked off well as Dolph Ziggler put his Intercontinental Title on the line in a ladder match against Kofi Kingston and Jack Swagger. All three had their work boots on and happily risked life and limb to entertain. Vickie Guerrero even stepped through the ropes to assist Ziggler. A slightly botched ending couldn’t harm proceeding s, as Kingston and Swagger battled for the belt atop the ladder the strap slipped to the mat between them and into Ziggler’s hands to retain his gold.

Next up the Divas got their teeth into stunt matches, Michelle McCool and Layla facing formidable teammates Beth Phoenix and Natalya in a table match. Both pairings had a great brawl, trading the advantage and proving that the Divas division of the WWE has got some decent workers in it. The ending came after the table refused to break and Natalya had to hit a nice double cross body to put LayCool down through it to ensure the win for her team.

The nexus showed their force in the WWE tag Team Title match, champions Santino Marella and Vladimir Kozlov were kept on their toes as opponents heath Slater and Justin Gabriel (with assistance from fellow Nexus members Husky Harris and Michael McGillicuty) pulled every rule braking tactic they could out of their arsenal. Kozlov and Marella managed to retain their belts via DQ after a Harris and McGullicuty run in. The Nexus boys beat down the champs afterwards too for good measure.

With a WWE title shot hanging above the ring Sheamus and John Morrison assembled a rather good match up. Battling in and out of the ring they soon took to using a ladder as a weapon and both taking some risky ladder oriented bumps. Morrison pulled off the surprise win and takes one step closer to winning the prestigious WWE Title in doing so.

WWE Champion The Miz (with Alex Riley in tow) faced challenger randy Orton in a Tables match, putting his belt on the line against the unpredictable Orton. The combatants may not have gelled as well as planned, but with Riley in the mix and the table based nature of the bout, there was enough going on to disguise the failings. With Riley’s help Miz was able to retain his gold and take one more win in his quest to defend the belt at Wrestlemania, a re-start couldn’t help Orton’s fate as he finally found himself lying amongst a shattered table courtesy of Miz.

In a TLC match World Heavyweight Champion Kane saw his latest title reign end, but with a decent calibre of opponents to face (Alberto Del Rio, Rey Mysterio) and a very hungry Edge chomping at the bit to win back the belt, the end was pretty much inevitable. With tables, ladders and chairs at their disposal the foursome had a blast tearing down the house with as many set-pieces, dangerous moves and high spots to keep all those in attendance and at home on the edge of their seats. Considering Mysterio’s knee issues and other injuries he played a blinder, Del Rio is fast proving himself to be main event material and Edge and Kane did their veteran bit to perfection. Edge overcoming the competition to climb the ladder and nab the title.

After a brief interlude with The Bella twins, Cody Rhodes and Big Show (as Santa) the action switched to John Cena versus Wade Barrett in a chairs match.

With Cena systematically knocking nexus members down throughout the show Barrett had no one to help him here (even CM Punk on colour commentary sat back and watched). With chairs in hand the Nexus frontman and Cena had a good looking brawl around the ringside area and arena, sometimes slipping back into the ring for a while to rest up and contemplate their next move. The fun ended with a ring full of chairs and a nice looking attitude adjustment by Cena on a prone Barrett for the win. A post match beat down by Cena saw the show end with Barrett lying beneath the ring ramp and Cena celebrating his win.

TLC was a good way for the WWE to round off a year of ups and downs. It was great to see Edge win the Title, John Cena perhaps end his nexus feud and the Divas Division rise to the occasion with a fine tables contest. The lack of blood and overt violence on WWE programming has hampered many match concepts, but the viewing figures are still high and with many big names due to return soon things are looking good for 2011. Roll on the Royal Rumble.

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