Monday, 20 December 2010

Shawn Michaels signs with WWE for the long term

Shawn Michaels has signed a new deal with the WWE. The former WWE Champion, who retired from the company this year will take on an ambasador type role with the cpompany. He will tour the country promoting events such as Wrestlemania and other PPV's, Michales has said he may appear on TV, but will not be a General manager or ever set foot back into the ring as a combatant. Shawn Michaels has said that his word that he would never wrestle again after facing Undertaker at Wrestlemania was his bond, unlike Ric Flair (who Michaels retired) and others Shawn has no wis to tarnish his legacy by going back on his word.

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Anonymous said...

Tell shawn that his # 1 fan said 1 more match