Monday, 11 February 2013

Kayfae commentaries: Tammy Sytch/Sabu news

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 Kayfabe Commandos, Breaking Kayfabe is back to try and sort out one of the more bizarre and self destructive unfoldings in wrestling.  Tammy Sytch sits down with Sean and lets him crawl around in her head in the series that tries to get to the bottom of some of the more interesting personalities to grace the wrestling business.  Plus, a classic Timeline ECW 1997 told by Sabuhits our OnDemand channel as well.  Check it...
 Inside the Insane Headlines...Inside Tammy.
  Our latest guest to bare their soul on our newest series probably has more to sift through than any guest to date. Tammy Sytch's battery of arrests and rehab visits has catapulted her back into the national spotlight in unflattering portrayals in every media outlet. Now she sits with Sean, in a sober and reflective interview, in an effort to get down to who she really is.

Will this even be possible? Tammy has admitted to concocting lies and tall tales in previous interviews. Now, in the psychologically probing series "Breaking Kayfabe," Tammy is challenged by Sean to cut the B.S. and try and really fix the deep issues she undoubtedly has.

The series that shows the stars as people is back with an episode ripped from the headlines.

Check it out here!

Timeline: ECW 1997 OnDemand NOW!
Also over at our OnDemand Channel we're dropping another KC Classic...this time it's the debut of the first spin-off in the Timelinefranchise...The History of ECW.  This got the series off to an amazing start as Sabu candidly recounts all the major goings-on at ECW...from the ring to the locker room to the hotel rooms, ourTimeline series covers it ALL.

Join the usually silent Sabu as he talks and talks about this crucial year in the short, but dynamic lifespan of the federation that changed the game.  His take on everything happening, including the in-ring dress-down by Paul E, is honest and emotional.

He's known for being one of the most hardcore, and his recounting the year 1997 in ECW will not disappoint! 
We have plenty more to come as 2013 is shaping up to be a great year at KC.  Timeline: The History of WCW returns in March as JJ Dillon takes you back to 1988, and then Timeline: The History of WWE is up to bat with Brutus Beefcake covering 1989 in the big fed. 

This is the only place you'll EVER get the unedited, unsanitized story of the WWE told by the stars that were there.  They can tell you they're "shooting straight" but they ain't shooting shit if they're not going to show the dirt as well as the glitter.  Join our line-up of former WWE stars as they give you the straight dish in our ongoing, open ended, year-by-year chronicle of the big one.  Sean Waltman takes you through 1994 coming this June!

DDP's YouShoot heads your way on May 7th, plus Wrestling's Most...Awesome Managercountdown show is coming also.  More Breaking Kayfabe, more great, high-quality shoot programming is coming your way!

Stay tuned...


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