Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Hulk Hogan - UK Interview Highlights

Hulk Hogan: The UK is high in our priority

During the recent UK/Ireland Tour TNA wrestling's most famous face Hulk Hogan not only participated in a number of media appearances, but also appeared live in the ring for two Impact Wrestling TV tapings (Manchester and London). Alongside fellow veteran grappler Sting (who our Phil interviewed exclusively during the tour) Hogan was very high on the UK/Irish fans and highlighted just why these shores are special to TNA.

Here are some of Hulk's comments during his few days in the UK.

'You know wrestling is not just a job it is a lifestyle. The UK guys and girls (on TNA's Bootcamp series) know that and they have done a great job. I have really enjoyed meeting them  and watching them in action. Rockstar Spud was a worthy winner of the show and I look forward to seeing how he does in TNA.'

'The UK is one of our main fan bases and we love coming here. Our shows on Challenge are ratings winners and we aim to keep that building up. the UK fans are louder and more into the TNA product than the US fans are at times. I Think this is because we only travel here once a year and it is all the more special to our UK/Irish fans. In the states we get to visit cities more often.'

'The TV tapings in the UK have been very successful and we aim to do the same this year. We promise big matches, big names and the best action we can offer. These are hot tickets.'

'Magic happens at Tv tapings such as this and this year will be no different'

'Look out for much more TNA activity in the UK. It is high in our priorities and we love coming here'.
By Phil Allely

Phil Allely

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