Wednesday, 17 October 2012

WWE Money in the Bank 2012 DVD Review

WWE DVD Review – Money In The Bank 2012 For years the MITB concept was the highlight of WWE events. Now that the innovative match has been given its own PPV we can enjoy it even more. The idea behind MITB is simple a match winner gets to grab a case and in that he has a shot at the World Title (which can be cashed in at anytime). The MITB matches have been the ones that have elevated many of the WWE's current stars and made them real stars for the company. This DVD release by Silvervision is a nice addition to the calendar and one that really does warrant a second or third viewing. The opening scrap between Hunico/Comancho and Kofi Kingston/R-Truth is an entertaining effort. Next up the MITB Ladder Match revs things up and gives us an insight into the excitement a match of this style can offer up. Dolph Ziggler, Christian and Cody Rhodes stood out here and gave their all in the spot-fest that ensued. The world Heavyweight Title was up for grabs next and it featured Ireland's own Sheamus (champion) battling his long-term thorn in his side Alberto Del Rio. Sheamus is indeed improving and Del Rio is a man so talented that he could get a good match out of anyone. This is well worth a punt. Unfortunately for your review the Titus O'Neil/Darren Young and Primo/Epico bout didn't float my boat. The addition of R-Truth and Kofi on commentary did help but. As a big fan of Daniel Bryan I don't wish to be biased here. Suffice to say that the NO DQ match between him and CM Punk is a real highlight of MITB 2012 for me. Viewers will see exactly why when they view it again. Ryback continued his 'Goldberg' style run next with a decimation of Tyler Reks and Curt Hawkins in a swift encounter. The two-on-one odds proving to be not a huge deal to the big man. The Diva's got their chance to shine next and whilst the division is knocked often for its poor talent the ladies here were mostly above par. The teams of Layla, Kaitly, Tamina and Beth Phoenix, Natalya, Eve featured at least four good workers. This may be a short match, but it is fun. Up next we get the MITB Ladder match for the WWE Title shot. The name value hee alone makes this worth watching. When you factor in Kane, Chris Jericho, Big Show, John Cena and The Miz you know you are in for something special and this one is indeed. The finish may be popular knowledge by now, but that cannot ruin the encounter. MITB 2012 is a great DVD and one that will sit nicely alongside your collection. The matches are mostly above par and the action throughout will certainly keep you entertained. MITB 2012 is available now from and all good retailers. By Phil Allely

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