Monday, 29 October 2012

TNA Bound For Glory 2012 Review

TNA Review - Bound For Glory 2012 By Phil Allely TNA's annual PPV Bound For Glory is an event the entire roster and loyal fan base cannot wait to be a part of. This is the companies biggest event of the year it features a weekend full of fan interaction events and guest appearances by roster members old and new. This year BFG not only promised to deliver in the ring (Ace's &8's vs Bully Ray/Sting, Roode vs Storm, Hardy vs Aries), but also paid homage to the Icon Sting with the first TNA Hall of Fame induction. After a few sub par PPV's BFG really needed to deliver. The first surprise of the night came as Rob Van Dam prised the X Division Title from the grasp of Zema Ion. RVD as champ may well open up the recently lacking Division, which was once such a highlight of TNA Programming. Former tag team partners Magnus and Samoa Joe had a pretty decent scrap for Joe's TV Title next. Both traded near falls and high impact moves. However Brit Magnus failed in his quest, falling to a Joe choke-out. Surprisingly a match the magnitude of the Storm/Roode Streetfight was relegated to third of the night. The good news was that the pair really had their work boots on here and risked life and limb to put forth one hell of a match-up. Weapons we used frequently, blood flowed and special enforcer King Mo kept his distance, allowing the former best friends to pulverise each other in and out of the ring. The match ended with Storm's hand held high and Roode lying in pool of blood and thumbtacks. This was a feud that culminated perfectly (well done TNA). The Joey Ryan/Al Snow encounter had potential, but failed to ignite the crowd. Fortunately Snow producing his mannequin head and a surprise appearance by Matt Morgan brought them back on board. Ryan capitalised the interference to earn a TNA contract. Of the three thrown together teams in the Tag Team Title match (Styles/Angle, Kazarian/Daniels) the combo of Hernandez/Chavo may have the most potential. They do that old school thing of combining strength, speed and experience. Making their team a formidable one. The match was fun and well-paced. A criticism could be that there were too many men involved to allow them to fully showcase their wares. Hernandez/Chavo pulled off the win and won the tag gold with relative ease, following a 'border toss' 'frog splash' combo move. As revealed in a exclusive interview here the pair will now be in the sights of the team of Robbie's E & T. Former friends and knockout tag champions Tara and Miss Tessmacher faced off for Tessmacher's Knockouts Title next. As women's matches go this was above par and allowed each the chance to shine. Tessmacher is definitely improving with each outing and Tara can still work with the best of them. Tara's experience however came to the fore and allowed her to snag herself one more gold belt for her collection. Highly anticipated (due to the pacing of the storyline) was the Ace's & 8's versus Sting/Bully Ray match. With numbers changing weekly the members of the gang are unknown and rumours are rife as to who they will be, when finally revealed. This was a good old fashioned brawl, no finesse at all in the moves and it suited the ageing Stinger and rough-housing Ray to perfection. Sting and Ray fared well until the numbers game got the better of them. Joseph Park ran one off, but that could only delay the inevitable loss for the TNA team. Post-match the gang attacked our valiant losers, Hulk Hogan made a (slow) save and in the final shock of the night one of the gang was revealed to be the former Team 3D member Devon. Rightly in the main event spot was the World Heavyweight Title encounter between Champ Austin Aries and the back in form Jeff Hardy. This was a match to re-view a few times as moves came thick and fast, both men chose their spots and for the main hit them perfectly. Your reviewer does wonder what a match between an in his prime Hardy and Aries would have been like. The bout flew along at a decent rate and allowed both to take risks. The ending came as a total surprise to many, Aries losing his belt to a Hardy Swanton. BFG did exceed expectations, the clips of Sting's induction were nice to see. The title changes were mostly for the greater good of the company and the first Ace's & 8's reveal did throw many smart fans. The big thing is now to see how the company capitalise on these storyline twists and just what Matt Morgan meant when he said we was there to take out the roster. By Phil Allely

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