Friday, 24 August 2012

Mr Anderson Interview (exclusive)

TNA Exclusive Interview: Mr Anderson – I can't wait to bring our show back to Ireland! TNA/Impact Wrestling star Ken Anderson has achieved a great deal in his relatively sort time with the company. He has held the world title and participated in many of the organisations most popular matches and amassed a very loyal fan base along the way. In the lead up to the HardCore Justice PPV Running The Ropes Phil Allely was fortunate enough to chat to Anderson about his career to date, the upcoming UK/Ireland tour and his old friend Austin Aries (who had just raised the TNA Heavyweight Gold). Hi Ken, great to speak to you again. Can we kick off with you thoughts on the Bound For Glory series of matches? 'Yeah Phil. I think they are exciting, we all have to up our game during them and of course we all want to get that title shot. I know we all work hard out there (in the ring), but for this kind of match, you have to work even harder, you know up your game.' One guy you seem to always have a good match is Rob Van Dam. Why is that? 'Well RVD is one of those guys who is deceptively big. There are many of us who fans will say oh you look bigger on TV. Not him, the guy is like a tank, it is tough to have a game plan when you face Rob. I do think we gel well though and we both know what we can get out of the other.' You will be a part of the UK/Ireland Tour in January 2013. Is it true the roster always look forward to these tours? 'Indeed it is true. These tours are exciting for us as much as they are the fans. In the states our fans are kind of spoilt, they see us any time they want. In the UK or Ireland (and last tour Europe) the fans only get to see us once a year. And we only have a few dates, so not every town gets to see us. That means we go out there and put on the best show we can, for those people who made the effort to come see us. ' The Lockdown cage will feature on each card. Do you think you guys will know prior to the tour who may have to enter the cage to fight? 'Well Phil as a professional wrestling business I have to say that odds are we will not know til just before the bell rings. I am happy with that as I don;t mind entering a structure that can cause me pain or make me bleed. I am a fight not flight kind of guy, so I will be ready for it.' I am as you know form Ireland Ken, have you fond memories of your last trip to the Emerald Isle? 'I do Phil. Now I'm not saying this because I am talking to you (laughs), but Ireland is always a favourite place to visit by us all. It is always talked about by the boys in the locker room. Last time I was there the crowd were insane. I hope we get the same sot of reaction this time around too. The venue (The National Stadium, Dublin) is perfect for our product, it is just right for us. The fans were packed in there and the atmosphere was right on the money too. When you cram fans that crazy in a building and have our guys talking trash to them, you know you are in for a special night. I think the Irish fans love to see a fight and that is what we will bring them.' One of Ireland's best known sons in the world of wrestling is Dave 'Fit' Finlay. Did you ever cross paths with him? 'Oh yeah I am a huge fan of his. He helped me tremendously when I was starting out. I still watch his matches today and use him for reference a lot. He is one tough guy too, a genuine bad ass (laughs). He can still go too, I'd say he is one of the best representatives for our business as a whole. If he was available he would make a great addition to our roster.' Austin Aries winning the world title has shaken up the title picture. What did you think when he beat Bobby Roode for the belt? 'Well Phil for me it was something to be proud of. We didn't necessarily start off together, but we did spend a lot of time on the road (with Daivari, ODB too). We all would drive everywhere, for little or no money and we did that for years, so I know the guy very well. We all cut our teeth together and I know all the people said he was too small and would never win a major belt. But when he came here (TNA) , he worked hard and has earned everyone's respect. You have to give him credit for that'. Finally Ken would you like to face Austin for the World Title somewhere down the line? 'I would love to face him. We actually just did have a match last weekend at a house show. The first time in almost eight years. It brought back loads of memories and whilst we have changed a lot, the magic was there. It would be great to do it on TV and show the fans everywhere what we can do.' Thanks Ken, good look with you BFG series matches and your pursuit of that match with Austin too. See you in Dublin. 'See you then Phil'. TNA Maximum Impact Tour 2013 Jan 21 National Stadium, Dublin. Jan23 Braehead Arena, Glasgow. Jan 24 Capital FM Arena, Nottingham. Jan 25 Manchester Arena, Manchester. Jan 26 Wembley Arena, London. By Phil Allely

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