Friday, 10 August 2012

Miss Tessmacher talks UK Tour and much more - Interview highlights

With TNA's next Pay-Per-ViewHardcore Justice just around the corner and some nes on the upcoming TNA UK/Ireland tour the Impact Wrestling organised a worldwide conference call with the current TNA Knockouts Champion Miss Tessmacher. Our very own Phil Allely listened in on the call and below are some highlights taken from all of the questions asked to the gorgeous grappler. Tessmacher was asked what she did to improve as a wrestler. She put over Tara big for helping her in the ring and outside it, as well as her wrestling school (I missed the name) and being on the road with women like Tara and Mickie James. She said she was living the dream now. When asked about her history growing up homeless and how it kept her grounded. She said she knows she earned this and that the knowledge that things could be gone tomorrow keeps her grounded and focused. A caller asked if "good" women's wrestling is a big part of TNA's future which Tessmacher put over. She also talked favorably about the veterans of the division and called it humbling to be the champion with those women around. In response to a question she said she thought people are taking her seriously as a female wrestler as opposed a model in wrestling. She also said that the comparison of her TNA career and WWE career can't be done because the two things were so different with different opportunities. She also talked about how excited she was before winning the Knockouts title and how amazing it was when she actually won the title. She said the best part was proving everyone wrong, and that she was more than just a model and the championship was proof. She also encouraged anyone cutting their teeth to have as many matches in front of crowds as they can. She also said she didn't think it was any easier for women to break into the business. She said she made it through Diva search which isn't happening anymore, but there are opportunities like Gut Check for women to break in, so it wasn't exactly harder either. In response to another question she said she understands why people are critical of her title reign because of how she got into the business, but she is proving each night she goes out there that she isn't a fluke and she does deserve it. She passed on listing anyone from WWE who should be pushed more. A fan mentioned the Awesome King vs. Gail Kim feud and she cut him off to put it over big. He asked if she would be interested in a feud with Kong and Tessmacher said yes and broke the match down from a kayfabe point of view. She said the moment she knew she wanted to be a wrestler full time was when she won the tag titles with Tara. She finished the rest of the question in character, but said that's when she started training more. She said her in-ring work was the toughest part of improving and that she's had to do more power lifting than she's ever done and that she's added a lot of running for the cardio. -She said she was doing lunges and 100m sprints to work on her glutes and is working on putting out a video to share her glutes secrets and her workout as a whole. She said she would like to work on acting and other skills than can help her in wrestling. Tessmacher also announced that she would be on the next UK tour and that it would be her first trip to the UK. She said she also wanted to perform in Australia, South America, and South Africa. -(real name)Brooke said she was disappointed that she was going back to just Miss Tessmacher because she wanted her name, but that she was more concerned with getting better in the ring. She said the best part of being famous was that you had a voice because people looked up to you, but she said that exposure can also be the worst because things you say can be twisted and there are always ears and eyes on you. She talked about the creepy relationship between Earl Hebner and Madison Rayne and said she was going to keep her eye on Earl. She said she would beat Madison. Running The Ropes are excited that the current TNA Knockouts Champion is being added to the roster for the upcoming UK/Ireland tour in January 2013. As ever we look forward to the matches from the Knockouts Division in TNA and hope to see Miss Tessmacher and her peers in action on these shores very soon indeed. By Phil Allely

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