Monday, 11 June 2012

WWE DVD Review - Best Pay-Per-Views of 2011

By Phil Allely Out now as a triple disc set is this latest release from the WWE. Here we have a mighty fine collection of what the company themselves believe to be the best macthes of the year 2011. To be honest they are pretty well right on the money here. The matches featured are a great way to concisely put together the best, most excting, showstopping and unforgetable WWE moments in place. Don't let the fact that you may already own many of these on DVD hold your purchase decision back though. Having them all in one set is a pretty damned good idea, no frantic disc changing, no fumbling for cases or misplaced items. you simply pop the disc in and savour the action. Some highlights are the 'No Hold's Barrer' match between The Undertaker and Triple H from Wrestlemania XXVII. Which stole the show and remains a favourite match amongst many fans. There is also the rise of alberto Del Rio, which saw him tackle such WWE main-eventers as John Cena. 2011 was of course the year where such perfomers as Del Rio got the chance to break that 'glass ceiling'. The lack of top name draws due to injuries etc left the roster in need of people to step up and some did admirably. Dolph Ziggler for example is well featured here and although he may never make the world title picture, he does put forth some spirited performances against the likes of Edge. The Christian and Randy Orton feud is another well deserved inclusion here. Both men working so well together in the ring that each match is a near classic. The Best PPV Matches of 2011 is a fun-filled mix of world title matches, ladder-based encounters, no holds barred scraps and no dq wars. Each match is in its entirety and they all wokr well together. This is a nice roller-coaster ride through ten months of WWE action.

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