Sunday, 24 June 2012

TNA DVD Review - Christian Cage The Instant Classic

TNA DVD Review: Christian Cage – The Instant Classic Sometimes it is nice for me as a wrestling writer to have someone suggest I view a DVD instead of having it appear for review form its source. Recently a friend of mine mentioned a TNA release which I had not yet watched and went so far as to lend it to me (under strict instructions to return it un damaged lol).after viewing this wonderful disc I of course wished to share it with our readers, so here you go. Christian may be a fixture of WWE programming at present (he currently holds the IC gold), but after his first tenure for the WWE the man known to friends as Jay Reso took a few years out and made a name for himself in TNA. During this period Reso (as Christian Cage) participated in some landmark matches and storylines, held gold and made such an impact (pun intended) that he was the former TNA chosen to appear at this year’s Slammiversary PPV. If you wonder just why he was picked for this role and why fans loved it, check out this DVD and all will be revealed. These TNA years were when Christian stepped up his game and stood out of the shadows of his former tag team partnership with good friend Edge in the WWE. This was where the real Christian began to take shape and the man we see in WWE rings wouldn’t be the same if he hadn’t honed his skills with TNA. This three hour plus DVD includes seven full matches, each one is a belter and perfectly highlights the energy, enthusiasm of not only Cage, but his talented opponents too. Of course the much missed six sided ring is present here as well. Highlights include matches with Sting, Kurt Angle, Samoa Joe and Jeff Jarrett, the Barbed Wire Six Sides of Steel encounter with Rhino is a real treat as well. Also featured are exclusive photos, video footage and an in depth sit down interview with the man himself. This package is well worth tracking down and will appeal to fans of Mr Cage old and new. By Phil Allely

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