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WWE DVD Review: Survivor Series 2011

WWE DVD Review: Survivor Series 2011

Survivor Series is one of the WWE’s longest running and iconic PPV events of the year. It is also one that had almost outstayed its welcome a short time ago, fortunately the WWE decided to retain its use and we can still enjoy the annual November event that is Survivor Series. Unfortunately the team-based match-ups which formed a big part of these events have slowly been removed from the card as the years unfold.

Whereas previous years have offered forth a few traditional style Survivor Series matches alongside the rest of the card the 2011 effort had just one such match-up. That’s not to say that this is a poor effort by the WWE, on the other hand the matches here were pretty damn good.

Highlights include the in-ring return of former WWE superstar (and recent multi-million selling movie star) The Rock teaming with his WrestleMania opponent John Cena against the pairing of R-Truth and The Miz, you can also witness CM Punk versus Alberto Del Rio for the WWE Championship. Henry and the Big Show battle it out over the World Heavyweight Championship. Dolph Ziggler tackle high flyer John Morrison and a decent (yet short) diva’s scrap between Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix. There is also of course the sole Survivor Series style encounter featuring Randy Orton, Sheamus, Mason Ryan, Sin Cara and Kofi Kingston versus Wade Barrett, Cody Rhodes, Jack swagger, Hunico and Dolph Ziggler.

Survivor Series 2011 ticked a few boxes along the way with its well-paced old school match-up, the divas encounter was fair, the rest of the under card entertained too. Of course we all want to see more of the original SS style encounters, but things do move on and this wasn’t too bad an effort at all. The Rock/Cena teaming worked well. Rock especially faring good in a match where ring rust would surely have been noticeable. Here’s hoping their WrestleMania encounter lives up to its hype too.

Survivor Series 2011 is available now at all good retailers.

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