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TNA Live Show Review: One Night Only - X-travaganza

TNA Live Show Review: One Night Only - X-travaganza

TNA kicked off their new set of one-night-only special events by showcasing the much-lamented and missed stars of their famed X Division. Stars old and new joined in the action and for the most part the show impressed us here at Sun Sport.
When Impact Wrestling announced that they would be reducing their Pay-Per-View output to four a year many thought it would be a wise move. This decision could after all help storylines develop and make the remaining events all the more special. To fill in the gaps the company explained they would hold a number of themed one-off PPV's.
The aptly title X-travagana was a fun show that perfectly highlighted the fast-paced division we all know and love. There may have been a few blips here and there, but for the main this was a peek into one of TNA's early success stories. The always dazzling X Division.

The event also highlighted some of the divisions best moments, craziest moves, top matches and a gave look at the always inventive Ultimate X Match. This was a wonderful introduction for newer fans and a welcome glimpse into the past for more loyal fans.

One pet peeve for many (myself included) was the lack of a six-sided ring. That would have been the icing on the cake here.

The Main Event saw former X Division Champ Samoa Joe take on more recent title holder Austin Aries and was the perfect way to round proceedings off. Seeing big man Joe on form and matching the lighter Aries move for move was inspiring stuff. The ending where Aries reversed a 'Muscle Buster' into a roll-up did seem a bit flat though.

Elsewhere Christian Yorke won the slightly confusing Xscape match. If you take away the convoluted rules this was an exciting encounter that showcased the fast-paced style and skill set we all remember the 'X' stars for. York outlasted the risk-taking collection of Matt Bentley, Alex Silva, Lance Dorado, Sam Shaw, Puma and Jimmy Rave.

The Ultimate X battle featured Kenny King, Rubix, Zema Ion and Mason Andrews. It may have been a slow-burner, but when it got going this was a veritable feast of high spots and risky moves. King picked up the win in a nice twist on the finish, snatching the X out of someone else hands before he hit the floor.

Bad Influence took on Petey Williams & Sonjay Dutt in a tag team match that had its high points, but never fully lived up to its expectations. The returning Dutt and Williams were paired up nicely and blended well with the more polished combo of Daniels and Kazarian.  Both teams hit some nice double team moves and nailed some near falls.
 The unpopular win went to Daniels/Kaz, however Williams got some revenge for his team by nailing a very nice looking post match Canadian Destroyer.

The Kid kash/Doug Williams Vs Anthony Nese & Rashad Cameron tag match seemd to be merely a time filler and never really caught fans attention.  It went a bit too long and had no real build up either. The talents of Williams/Kash seemed wasted here.

Rob Van Dam had one of his last TNA matches, taking on former foe Jerry Lynn in Lynn’s final match (as part of his retirement tour). The pace was slow and sluggish throughout and failed to catch fire. The nostalgia aspect did work in parts, Van Dam picked up the win and the locker room came out to give Lynn a proper send off. This was a pale shadow of some of the classics the pair have had over the years.

The Chavo Guerrero and Robbie E match was a pretty throwaway affair that underutilised Guererro and also featured Joseph Park as referee.

One Night Only – Xtravaganza was a successful show that certainly hit more than it missed. It could have easily been cut down to a two hour show though (removing the dull matches). The six-sided ring would have added t the nostalgia factor too.  It was nice to see some old faces back in the company too. Roll on the next themed One Night Only show.
BY Phil Allely

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