Tuesday, 25 September 2012

WWE DVD Review - Falls Count Anywhere

WWE DVD Review : Falls Count Anywhere In recent years many loyal WWE fans have complained about the company embracing a PG rated format and thus (the once prominent of old) blood and violence becoming second fiddle to story line's and more. This new release (Falls Count Anywhere) gives those fans old and new a wonderful trip back in time to see what the federation once delivered on a regular basis. Over the course of the discs we get to see all manner of matches that have strayed beyond the normal realms of regular bout style and for that we must welcome this addition to the WWE DVD release calendar. Across the discs we get to see some of the finest and most brutal match-ups from not only the WWE roster (across the decades), but the WCW and ECW ones too. These are (for the main) matches that we the fans have yet to own on DVD and also ones that perfectly highlight just how each promotion at the time handled such matches that took things beyond the norm. As WWE release go this is one of the best to appear this year. This set features violence, blood and some very brutal moves. All of which just go to show how the world of wrestling has changed in recent years. 'Falls Count Anywhere' showcases such athletes as Mick Foley, Sting, Ric Flair, Triple H and many others in its duration. Each one receives a worthy accolade along the way too. Newer fans may struggle to learn who some older grappler's are, but for anyone interested in the industry this is a release that will appeal to many . WWE Falls Count Anywhere is on general release now. Www.silvervsion.co.uk By Phil Allely

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