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WWW WrestleMania Revenge Tour Review Belfast April 2012

WWE Live Review: Smackdown – WrestleMania Revenge Tour 2012 (Belfast)

The WWE tour the UK/Ireland twice a year and each live show receives a huge amount of attention. These shows feature many of our favourite WWE superstars and divas, they also offer us the opportunity to get up close and personal to the action.

Belfast’s Odyssey Arena was as usual sold-out for the WrestleMania Revenge Tour by the Smackdown roster. Unless it is a TV taping/recording what’s nice about a WWE live show is that the entire crew seem intent on having fun and whilst storylines do still exist they are not as strictly stuck to here.

Glamorous ring announcer Lillian Garcia took mic duties for the night and really did make a difference with her nice attitude to proceedings and willingness to join in the fun throughout the night.

We’ll not review each match here, but we will give you an idea of just what a live WWE show can offer you.

Firstly you’ll be very close to the action and get to see the event in full context no matter where you sit, although the prime seats are slightly above ringside with a view of the whole ring or the aisle where you can briefly shake hands with your heroes.

Next thing you’ll see just how huge some of the wrestlers are, for example opening match-up winner The Great Khali was unbelievably massive, looking even bigger than his seven foot plus real height. His opponent Jinder Mahal had no real chance here, but did try his best.

The Tag Team encounter was pulled above mediocre by the unique pairing of high flyer Tyson Kidd and UK star William Regal. Regal especially was on fine comedy form and as he has done before stated that he may not have many more matches in him.

Alberto Del Rio is a fun character and a nice return to the sneaky heel of old. It is however his stooge/personal ring announcer Ricardo that maintains the flow and entertains us, the old tee-shirt throw tease went down a storm.

The highlight of the Divas match between Natalya and AJ was the addition of Hornswoggle as guest referee. The little man went through as many comedy spots as he could and loved being the centre of attention.

The Big Show was also in superb comedy form this night, something many people never really get to see these days. He is also another very large competitor that you really do need to see live to appreciate how big he is.

What’s always interesting in these shows is that the company rarely send over jobber s and low card grapplers, the norm is to send as many mid-top of the roster guys and girls and again with a few exceptions this was the case.

Rounding off the night were two encounters firstly Kane and Randy Orton in a NO DQ battle that went in and out of the ring, incorporated weapons and looked awesome.

Finally was the Mania re-match between former World Title holder Daniel Bryan and current champ Sheamus. Ireland’s own Sheamus worked very hard here and it really did round things off on  a high note.

WWE live be it the April tour or November tour always deliver the goods and did so once again here. Roll on the next one, we cannot wait.

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