Friday, 29 August 2008

Gail Kim and Mick Foley Updates

TNA have finally announced Gail Kim's departure from the company, this follows her profile being removed and her meeting with Johnny Ace of WWE. Expect her to turn up on WWE tv soon.

Mick Foley's profile has been removed from, you click on his pic and get a dead link. This could mean he's done and about to the opposite and jump ship to TNA from the WWE.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008

Wrestling news, Stevie Richards, Gail Kim, John Cena

Stevie Richards, the former ECW original, member Raven's flock and WWE Right To Sensor leader has been released from his WWE contract.
Richards has made no real impact on WWE tv since his return from injury, he is rumoured to have had some backstage heat and although a respected perfomer had no real future planned out for him there. Expect him on the indy circuit soon.

Gail Kim is pencileed in as the saviour fo the WWE women's division, it seesm Johnny Ace has had a lot fo flack as many of TNA's most successful stars in the women's league have slipped through the WWE fingers and turned up there to critical success (including Kim), here's hoping she gets the opportunity she deserves.

John Cena has a bad neck injury, he is reported to have numbness in one arm and had an MRI to try to locate the porblem, watch out for more news.

Takeshi Morishama who ahs had some WWE try-outs is said to be not heading to McMahon-land, whilst his Noah pedigree and reputation are exemplary his look is not what the WWE really want so he may not be brought back after all.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Gail Kim News

Former TNA Knockout's Champion Gail Kim has been removed from the TNA website, her profile, blog links, pictures and other references are all gone. Does this mean the gorgeous miss Kim is no longer a part of TNA? More news as I get it, I had it on very good authority that the superb women's division was being built around Gail, this could be a big blow for a part of the company that has seen the most positive coverage in the whole of TNA.

Friday, 15 August 2008

Big Vision Entertainment DVD Release Reviews

Written By Phil Allely

Welcome to my first (of many) DVD run down, looking at some of the hottest and most interesting DVD releases available today.

Forever Hardcore The Documentary:

If you eagerly watched the WWE made Rise and Fall of ECW release then this is for you.
FH is a two-hour show that takes you behind the scenes of the original ECW, featuring many of the people who were there, and gave all for the company.

This is an intriguing insight into what was at the time the most innovative and exciting wrestling promotion in the world.

We hear candidly from Sandman, Shane Douglas, Raven, Tod Gordon, Terry Funk, Sabu, New Jack, Kid Kash and many other ECW legends.

The Best Of Chikara:

Now here’s a curiosity, Chikara brings together Mexican, Japanese, British and traditional style wrestling, then shakes them up, into what can only be described as a full throttle thrill ride of a show.

They are a wrestling company who combine various styles to create a unique almost cartoon feel to their product, and here on one disc we get a three hour best of compilation.

Taking place in small intimate venues, this well made release offers a close-up view of some of Indy wrestling’s most dedicated young high-flying stars in action, risking life and limb for the art they love.

Life in the Fast Lane:

Shoot interviews are often very entertaining and informative, they are sit down chats with grapplers that offer us an insight into their career, experiences, stories, ribs and life on the road.

This DVD brings together aspects of many such releases, compiling a hugely enjoyable number of road stories from over 20 wrestling personalities.

This is a fast moving programme and a great introduction to shoot style releases.

We get to hear tales from many current and former stars such as Tammy Sytch, Lex Luger, Jake Roberts, Roddy Piper, Arn Anderson, Mr Fuji, Marty Jannetty, Bret Hart, Team 3D and many more.

This release also offers some deleted scenes and rare matches.

Wrestling Vixens – The New Era

Women’s wrestling fans will enjoy this release, as we are transported behind the scenes of a Wrestling Vixens bikini and lingerie photo shoot, with some of Indy wrestling’s hottest female stars of the time.

This access-all-areas show features current TNA Knockouts ODB, So Cal Val and Velvet Sky (then known as Talia), alongside former WCW star Daffney and popular tag team Lacey and Rayn (The Minnesota Home-wrecking Crew).

It’s a light-hearted and revealing (for various reasons) programme as we follow individual photo shoots, witness a joint beach shoot and hear some tales of life on the road from the girls too.

All the above are available from leading retailers and Big Vision Entertainment.

Thursday, 7 August 2008

Chrish Candido No Gimmicks - DVD Review

Below you will find a full synopsis for what I believe to be the best representation of the career of the late grappler Chris Candido. Chris was one of those characters who although small in stature made up for it in pure skill and ring savvy. This is a great set and one for any fan of Candido and Tammy 'sunny' Sytch to track down, it features many matches, interviews and coments on the man himself from the people who knew him.

In 1986 a young man named Chris Candido entered the world of professional wrestling and over the course of the next 19 years used his skill, sense of humor, and unbridled loved of the business to touch the lives of even the most jaded of wrestling fans. A star in SMW, WWE, ECW, WCW, TNA, Japan and many independent promotions, Chris was known for being a very solid grappler inside the ring and a fun loving man outside of it. From the minute that AC/DC's "Back in Black” hit the arena, everyone knew they were about to be entertained; whether that be by Chris doing pushups as "Skip" (while hilariously getting Rad Radford into shape), holding up the Triple Threat sign, wearing Rick Steiner-like headgear, losing to Barry Horowitz, or even Chris exposing his bare ass! He was always Chris Candido, a man who needed no gimmicks other then his enormous love for wrestling.
At 5'8" Candido might have been small in stature but was huge in charisma, talent, and heart. A man who had conquered the demons of the business and life while being well on his way back to the top. The young boy had become a seasoned veteran, with a wrestling mind second to none. He just wasnt someone who wanted to make a quick payday, he wanted the people to love his match as much as he loved wrestling for them. Regardless if it was in the Anaheim Pond for WrestleMania XII, or The Madhouse Of Extreme for UXW, Chris would always give the same thing he was known for: 100% Candido. Sure, there were pitfalls in his life, but the measure of the man is not only what he does with his life, but how he reacts to falling down - and more importantly - how he is remembered by his peers. Chris fell, but got back up, and to this day is a hero for many of the workers in the businessIn 2005 Chris Candido left us, due to a tragic accident, while on a grand comeback from the demons of his past. Everyone at RF VIDEO is honored to bring together some of Candidos finest moments in wrestling, along with thoughts on Chris from his peers and the man himself. These two discs only represent a sample of everything the man that Chris Candido was, and the incredible legacy he left behind.
Candido and Tim Horner Interview SMW
Candido vs Rob Eagle (If Candido Loses he has to wear a baby bonnett)
Chris Candido SMW Interview
Chris Candido vs Bobby Blaze (Thanksgiving Thunder) Turkey Match
Chris Candido vs Ricky Morton
Chris Candido & Brian Lee vs Rock N Roll Express
Chris Candido vs Tracy Smothers (Ladder Match)
Chris Candido/Tammy Sytch Brian Lee SMW Interview
Chris Candido vs Ricky Morton
Tammy Stych, Chris Candido, Brian Lee Workout Video SMW
Chris Candido/Lance Storm vs Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten
Chris Candido vs Rob Van Dam
Chris Candido vs Matt Striker
Chris Candido vs Jay Lethal vs Mike Kruel
Chris Candido vs Homicide
Chris Candido vs Sandman
Chris Candido vs Lance Storm
Chris Candido vs Sabu
Chris Candido vs Al Snow
Bonus features include interviews with superstars including Mick Foley, Billy Gunn, Raven, Sandman, plus rarely seen before SMW footage, two music videos and stories told by Candido of his life and career. Easter eggs are also hidden on the DVD as well.

Monday, 4 August 2008

Flair and WWE Part Ways

So the legend that is Ric Flair has parted ways with the WWE, it seems his departure is a clean one though, so a return is always an option. Flair was said to have been upset that the WWE had blocked many of his publicity appearances and said he could not attend any wrestling related shows (non-wwe). One being a hall of fame event for the NWA (if memory serves me right).

The odds are Flair can earn more form his personal appearances now that he is a non-wwe employee, his management can negotiate easier and there will be no legal details to iron out first.

Considering ric's love of spending money and his lavish lifestyle, you would imagine he will retrun to the ring at least one more time for abig payday, but now he's out of the WWE the venue/stage would seem to be a problem now.

Look out for lots of Flair appearances over the next few months.